Types Of Carpets and Hardwood

There are several different flooring styles and textures. Each has its own
distinct look and each, if used properly, can achieve beautiful results. We
suggest that you get an overview by reading about some of the styles listed




The most common style of carpet is a Cut Pile. This is what most consider "normal carpet". It's the type of carpet that shows the vacuum lines after it's been vacuumed, and footprints when you walk on it. In addition, some styles of cut pile are available in trackless, which reduces the vacuum marks and footprints.



Another style that has become extremely popular over the last few years is the Sculptured style. It is also been referred to as the "Trackless" or "No Foot Print" style, because it is twisted differently than a Cut Pile style. With this different twist, it gives a textured and in some cases, almost two-toned, appearance.



Berber Looped carpet, more commonly referred to as Berber carpet, has also gained popularity over the years. This carpet style offers excellent durability, while lending its own distinct character to any room. There are many differences in the Berber style. Some are level loop Berbers, where all of the loops are the same height. Another variation is the Multilevel Loop Berber, where the loops may be different sizes as well as different heights. There are many choices with Berbers - they come in a huge variety of patterns and colors, including multicolored styles.



A Frieze style is another popular style. This style is something like the Sculptured style except that the texturing or twist is much heavier with the Frieze than the sculptured style. A good quality Frieze styled carpet can be one of the most durable styles you can buy.

Carpet Tiles


Carpet Tiles are squares of carpet that are easy to install. Most tiles can be installed by the homeowner. No tack strip, no kicking, and no stretching is required. Some carpet tiles come with a peel and stick system that makes installation quick and easy! As a bonus, if a tile becomes damaged, you can easily remove and replace the damaged tile with a new one without removing everything from your room.