The Art of Refinishing

The sanding of a hardwood floor is an art. The worker should be highly skilled in order to perform a perfect job. Sanding involves a belt sander with sandpaper of different grits. Depending on the condition of the floor the operator would pick the different sand papers he must use.

When heavy damage is encountered, such as deep scratches, discoloration due to pet stains or water leaks we have to consider replacing the boards to obtain a nice outcome.

Selecting a stain color is a matter of taste, we can give you endless possibilities, will custom made the color to match the existing flooring or start from scratch and stain the floors with a completely new stain color. We will try 3 or 4 test areas on the floor itself and proceed after customer�s approval.

Once the floor is stained, we will proceed to seal the floor and after that we will buff the floor.

The last step to a beautiful hardwood floor is the finish, we use professional wood finishes like made Green Vermont Natural Coatings, low Voc Mega products by BONA, Commercial finishes like Street Shoe by Basic coatings, oil- based finishes, 100% green natural oil finishes and Poly-Wax. The selection of the finish should be done with care depending of the customer needs. Finishes come in Matte, Satin, Semi- gloss and Gloss.


Years ago a beautiful hardwood floor was installed and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone invited to your home. Your active family has lived on the floor for a
long time and now, as you look upon them, you are thinking they need a little
help. You’ll be amazed how we can bring your floor back to life! You will be
even more amazed when we show you how you can actually change the floor and give your home a whole new look! Are there areas in need of repair? Maybe a plant or Christmas tree overflowed or walls were removed, this can also be rectified while the floor is being refinished. Time to update the look of your business? We can do that too.With our shop-at-home service, we offer free estimates and accurate measurements.  Contact us and discover all we have to offer.